Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tunic Time!

Or should we say Tunic Thyme! Jaime and I just went to Moondance Botanicals to photograph some of the cute tunic tops we've been sewing up lately. Our favorite herbalist, Tonja, runs this cute little apothecary. She served us some delicious herbal elixirs while we browsed the fragrant herbs and her handcrafted skincare products.

Here is our new Springtime Tunic, one of the classes on our Spring schedule. It is so quick and easy to sew--a really great first top for the beginner sewer!

And here are Jaime and I showing off our Schoolhouse Tunics. This is a quick and easy pattern by Sew Liberated. I love this 3/4 length sleeve top for cool spring days. I got crazy with mine and used two different fabrics and added some contrasting buttons and button loops. Different lengths can make it a dress, tunic or shirt.

With all the cute fabrics we have in stock right now, its time to get sewing and make yourself a tunic! We have lots of cute patterns and classes so there can be tunics for all!


Sewing Geek said...

Cute! I love Moondance. It was really fun spending money in your shop today, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Amber, I adore your hairdo, do you mind my asking who does it for you?