Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New! Crooked Fence Alpaca Roving and Mill-Spun Yarns!

We're in love with the new Crooked Fence Alpaca roving and mill-spun yarns!

These cutie-pie alpacas from a few small farms in Utah make the softest, warmest fiber. Alpaca fleece comes in tons of natural colors--white, beige, silver, rose-grey, charcoal, chocolate, natural black and everything inbetween. Crooked Fence then mills them into endless natural color combinations for tweedy and barber-pole style handspinning.

If you aren't ready for handspinning we also have alpaca yarns from Crooked Fence. These chunky, mill-spun, super soft yarns have the look of a beautiful handspun but are made in a small, local mill owned by the farmers, where they and other small alpaca farmers bring their fleeces to be processed into roving and yarn. They are so special and lovely!

And now, here is a cute baby alpaca for your viewing pleasure.

...or is she a baby unicorn?

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Jennifer (Rainey) Mason said...

Awe, they are adorable!