Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New! Habu Textiles Yarns and Kits!

We are so excited to have picked up Habu Textiles! These yarns are all about texture. We've been coveting and dreaming of carrying this inspiring yarn company for a while...

This is their beautiful 100% silk tweed yarn in a rainbow of lush tweedy colors.

This is my favorite, a silk and stainless steel yarn! It knits up beautifully--the fabric is silky soft, but the steel gives it a memory so that it crinkles with texture.

We also have the Kusha Kusha Scarf Kits, which will get you started knitting a gorgeous silk/stainless and merino scarf. We are working on one right now!

This is a pretty paper yarn, made with viscose. It makes a fluttery, light crisp garment.

One of Habu's most unique products is this super fine stainless steel thread. You can hold it along with another yarn to add the unique memory of steel to your project. We are also planning to experiment with it in our hand spinning!

We love this knit alpaca cord! We made this bobble scarf in about 5 minutes from just 2 1/2 yards of knit alpaca and 1/4 ounce of 4 bright colors of merino roving. Quick and cute!

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