Thursday, March 25, 2010

Better Know A Crafter: Nadine Vuyanich

Nadine is one of the most prolific knitters we've ever met! When she comes into the shop she's always wearing the newest sweater she's completed. What makes it even more impressive is that she makes each one up as she goes, experimenting with different stitches and ideas in each one. Nadine recently came in to show us the result of her new interest, hand-dyeing her own yarn, wearing this beautifully speckled lavender and blue sweater.

Nadine Vuyanich

What makes you want to be crafty?
An artist by trade, I've always crafted and recycled all types of item from old jeans into purses to strips of old socks woven into grocery bags. I knit, crochet, paint canvas, needlepoint--just about every type of craft. I've recently gotten into making my own knitting needles and hand dyeing wool.

Tell us about the sweater you are wearing.
I hand-dyed Cascade Eco-Wool and used #11 needles for a looser stitch. I create all my patterns but the basic pattern is alternating K4, P1 and K3, P3 all over.

How did you learn your crafts?
My grandmother taught me to crochet at age seven and knitting came later in life. All my other crafting I've either learned in college or from people I've met across the country.

What is your favorite animal?

Thanks Nadine! We can't wait to see what you make next!

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