Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amber's First Quilt!

I just finished my very first quilt! Hooray!

Our darling shop dog, Branwyn, and I took a trip to the park to celebrate.

There are so many cute little prints that fly through Fancy Tiger--I can't resist them all, so I often get a quarter yard of this and of that. I decided I had to start to quilt with my little fabric treasures. For my first quilt I chose a lot of cute little Japanese prints in soft greens, teals and grays and some brighter prints in tomato reds. I sewed them up into a simple log cabin patchwork quilt top.

For the back I pieced together five strips of fabric in bright corals. The bold color makes me happy!

I'm kind-of-so-excited about quilting now. I've already started on my next one!

If you'd like to learn to quilt Fancy Tiger Crafts is offering several quilting classes, taught by our awesome instructor, Jessica. She's a quilting genius!


infinitejest8 said...

Amber, your quilt is so awesome! I love the stitching. It was so great seeing you guys. I will be back in December to haunt your corner of the world again. :)

fancytiger said...

Aww thanks, ya sweetie! It was good to see you, too. December sounds so far away, but time always seems to fly around here.

Frank said...

Amber it's beautiful!! Perfect for taking to the park. You did an amazing job!

Mel said...

Fun quilt - can't go wrong with the wonderful fabs at Fancy Tiger!

Picnic quilts are best!

info said...

Beautiful quilt! I love how you pieced together the back ;)