Friday, April 25, 2014

Jaime's Horse Lovers Madeleine Skirt

Amber and I are slowly making our way through the Victory Patterns catalog of designs. My newest sew is the Madeleine Skirt. We actually suggested this very pattern and fabric combo on our blog on our Stock Show style trend report and I've been dreaming of making it ever since.

Pattern: Madeleine Skirt by Victory Patterns
Materials: 4 yards of 44" wide fabric and two buttons
Size Made: 6
Alterations: I had to cut the front skirt in two pieces and seam it together as the pattern piece doesn't fit onto 44" fabric (hence my 4 yards)

I love horses and absolutely love this all-over horse print from Ellen Luckett Baker's Folk Modern collection. A skirt seemed fitting for this heavier weight linen-cotton blend from Japan and I loved the over-sized pockets and overall straps of the Madeleine Skirt.

The large pockets of this skirt were surprisingly simple to sew and I love the top-stitching details on this skirt. I used a bright green thread for this that matched my corozo green buttons. The skirt is fitted on the waist with a zipper and button closure. Because of the volume of the skirt, I was able to make the size for my waist measurement only and be confident that it would fit elsewhere. The adorable suspenders are attached with buttons on both sides so they are easy to remove for a more casual look.

I did have to make a simple modification to make this skirt out of 44" fabric. The pattern is written for 60" fabric only and it is made for the front to be cut out in one piece and would only use 2 1/4 yards. I had to use this 44" wide horse print  which was not wide enough for the front skirt panel. I cut the front piece in half, added in a seam allowance, and matched the print to seam it in the middle.

Another win from Victory Patterns!


Unknown said...

Great! I love the design, the skirt, the horses and the scenery! Nice pics. Best wishes, Viki

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