Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Amber's Muddy Works Tee


I've been coveting Jaime's cute Nani Iro Nuance Tee for a while. When we recently received Tomotake's Muddy Works fabrics I couldn't resist this soft double-gauze, hand drawn polka dot in a pale warm grey.
Pattern: Nani Iro Woman T-shirt
Fabric: Muddy Works Double Gauze 1 1/2 yd
Size Made: One Size
Alterations: None

Double gauze is perfect for this pattern, a loose, easy fitting tee, and it makes a garment that is oh-so-soft and comfortable.

I won't lie, wearing my new tee is kinda like wearing the comfiest pajamas in the world, but with a little bit of sophistication.

The Nani Iro Tee pattern is actually more of a diagram on drafting your pieces (in Japanese!) I lucked out--since Jaime already drafted the pattern, this top just took me an hour or so to make. The simplicity of the pattern, though, should make drafting it easy enough for intermediate or ambitious beginner sewists to tackle. Just remember to use centimeters, not inches, or your shirt will be very big!

Find the free Nani Iro Womens T-Shirt pattern here. There are lots more Nani Iro free patterns there as well!


Anonymous said...

Love your nuance tee. I was wondering if you can help clarify the measurement in the armpit area curve. Is the curve 4cm away from the diagonal line that runs from the sleeve bottom and the end of the 32 cm line? Does this make sense?
Thanks for your help!

Fancy Tiger Crafts said...

So...when Jaime drafted it she didn't worry too much about that particular measurement and just used a french curve to draw that underarm curve. She just eyeballed it, basically.

That said, it seems like you are on the right track with 4cm being the maximum distance of the underarm curve from the diagonal line. Happy sewing!

Zerlina said...

Thanks so much!