Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jaime Made Another Sweater!

I love knitting sweaters, I just can't stop myself! This one came about when we had a Brooklyn Tweed trunk show here at Fancy Tiger Crafts and of course I tried everything on. I didn't think I needed this sweater, but as soon as I put the sample on, I knew it would be my next project. 

Pattern: Jules by Julie Hoover for Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2013
Materials: Shelter in Snowbound, 6 skeins
Size made: 42 3/4 and 46 1/2
Alterations: I graded the pattern from the size 46 1/2 on the bottom to size 42 3/4 on top. 

Like all Brooklyn Tweed patterns, this sweater by Julie Hoover was wonderfully written and interesting to knit, keeping my attention the whole way. It is knit bottom up and seamed. The subtle hi-lo hem is achieved with short row shaping. Once the sweater is seamed, the neck, arms, and bottom are picked up and finished with some ribbing. A simple cable pattern runs up either side on the front and back for an interesting touch and the sweater is worked with the reverse stockinette showing on the right side so the cable pattern pops.  

Even though I've made three items out of Loft, this is my first time working with Shelter, Loft's worsted weight big sister. It has the same soft, springy hand as Loft and great stitch definition. I obsessed over neutrals for a long time and finally picked Snowbound, a pale, heathered gray.

I'm not super comfortable with seaming and have only done it a few times, but this was the best seaming I've ever done! While I'd like to take all the credit, I'm pretty sure I owe most of it to Julie Hoover who included a one stitch selvedge edge worked on all seams. This little slipped stitch on the row ends made for easy-peasy and perfect seaming. The sweater is made to have the seams show on the outside so you can show off all that beautiful seaming work.

Look at those seams! 
This sweater is meant to be worn with tons of positive ease in the bust (well over 12"), but I was scared to have so much ease! I decided to combine the first two sizes, starting with size 46 1/2" on the bottom and grading up to the size 42" on the top. While the sweater fits and looks great, I think I could have just knit the size 46 1/2" throughout and been fine with the extra fabric. Overall, I love this sweater and am so glad we had the trunk show to convince me to make it.

Spring is the perfect time for a short-sleeved wool sweater. A cool spring day and this sweater will keep you cozy, but not too hot. Okay, now on to the next one...sweaters forever!


Anonymous said...

Inspiring! Super cute on Jaime.

Anonymous said...

Your sweater looks wonderful! With your combination of pattern sizes, how much ease did you end up with in the bust? I want one just like it.

Fancy Tiger Crafts said...

Thanks Francis! I ended up with 9" of ease in the bust.

Unknown said...

Hi! found you via Ravelry... can I ask you a technical question? I've only just started this pattern... I"m on row 6 as a matter of fact... and I'm a bit confused about the short rows... it says to 'turn' before 5stitches to the last YO (I;m doing the back) but I don't have enough stitches to do that the amount of time it asks me to... where am I going wrong????