Friday, October 18, 2013

Spinzilla 2013: Team Fancy Tiger are the Champions!!

We just finished the first ever Spinzilla spinning competition. Spinzilla is a week long team competition that lasted from October 7th - 13th. We had 25 mighty team members spinning under Team Fancy Tiger. We spun our hearts out! The goal was to spin the most yardage of all within the week.  We've been anxiously checking the official Spinzilla blog for the past few days, but today we got a phone call...

Guess what? Tigers and tigresses, we won!  

Our total yardage for Team Fancy Tiger in one week was 94,939.73 yds. That is almost 54 miles and is longer than the state of Rhode Island!

This is what 94,939.73 yds looks like
Spinzilla was an amazing event and we had so much fun rallying with our team. We made so many new spinning friends and forged many fibery friendships over the course of the week at our SEVEN community spin nights.
Spin it to win it!!
Here are some of the secrets to our success if you're wondering how 25 people spun almost 100000 yards of yarn in a week.

1. Badass team pride tees. We had a screenprinting party where team members could screen print their own tees. Some of our team members are so hardcore, they screenprinted their jean jackets.

2. Rally Peeps. We couldn't have done it without our amazing rally guys and gals. Every spin night, these friends of Team Fancy Tiger would help us by counting all the yarn we were spinning, refilling our wine glasses, and emptying our bobbins. Our rally peeps also encouraged us to keep spinning in moments of doubt and tough times (cue Friday Night Lights theme music). Thanks so much to Alsn, Shannon, Betsy, Jess, Jesse, Caitlin and Curtis!

Jesse, Alsn, and Jess really rallied us.

3. Time off. Laura Chamberlain won our team prize of top spinner. Laura spun the most yards out of anyone on our team at 9212 yards in one week! Her secret - she took the week of work so she could have a spinning staycation. Nice work, Laura!

Laura took home the illustrious Rumpelstiltskin award.
4. Spinning in cars. Suzan drove from the Western Slope to Denver so she could spend the week spinning with us. We were really concerned about her losing the day of spinning (it's a 6 hour drive), but she assured us she would continue to spin the whole way here. Nice work, Suzan!

Don't stop spinning, even when driving over the mountains.
5. Camaraderie. Nothing makes you spin faster than being on a team of amazing, inspiring folks. Seeing everyone spinning so much really helped us all reach our personal goals for the team.

You guys...we had so much fun!
We are so proud thatTeam Fancy Tiger is the Spinzilla champion of 2013 - everyone did an amazing job! We love how super supportive everyone was and we are blown away by all of the amazing handspun yarn everyone made! We ♥ you Team Fancy Tiger! You were already winners in our book!


Unknown said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Omg omg omg! Yay Fancy Tigers!

Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY FANCY PEOPLE! I am so proud of everyone for all their hard work! You guys really stuck with it, even when your backs hurt and your fingers were bleeding from over-yarning! Next year we'll double it! ... maybe. =)

I can't believe you're sharing your secrets to success, btw. Isn't that like publishing the recipe to secret-sauce? Ha ha!

Irene said...

I know Pam spun her little fingers until they hurt but I now have 3 skeins of beautiful variegated browns and cream yarn as part of her team work!

westknits said...

So proud of you all! Hurrah!

Unknown said...

Whahoooo! Great team work. I am so proud and happy to have been part of the team. Such a fun week with you all. Do we get to add "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS WE ARE......" to our shirts and jackets!!!! Love you guys and gals.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Car Spinning is fun with a great driver like Neal. The curves are challenging. Try it on those long road trips. We rock fancy tiger team.