Thursday, September 12, 2013

Victorian Goth Ladies Pouf It Up

Yuwa fabrics from Japan makes some of the best prints. Take this off-black print with Victorian ladies on it for instance. I'm not sure what's happening over in Japan, but I like it. I had to make something with this and the Victorian ladies demanded pouf. I decided to go with the tried and true Ysolda Pocket and Ties skirt. This pattern is a free pattern you can download here and was created by Ysolda Teague when she came to visit us a couple of years ago.

The skirt features elastic gathering in the front and back for maximum pouf volume. I went with our cotton/silk in grey for a lining and ties which means I don't need to wear a slip when pairing this skirt with tights in cooler months. The Victorian ladies feel right at home in this skirt and they are lookin' great.

If Victorian goth isn't your style, you may want to try some tiny macaroons, Rococo children, or a 19th century hats and shoe print with acid green polka dots. All of these are now available to spruce up your fall wardrobe! Happy Sewing!

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