Friday, September 20, 2013

Quince & Co. at Fancy Tiger Crafts

We are thrilled to announce Quince & Co. is now available at Fancy Tiger Crafts! Quince & Co. yarns are sourced and spun in the US out of "territory wool" - a blend of Merino, Rambouillet, and Columbia sheep mostly from Montana and Wyoming. Combine these awesome aspects with spectacular colors, branding and adorable pattern support and you get Quince & Co. yarns! We were delighted to be chosen as one of only 12 LYS (local yarn shops) in the country to carry these special yarns. Also, the price tag is very friendly :)


Chickadee is a 100% wool, plied yarn in sport weight. Chickdee is 181 yards per 50 gram skein and knits at 6 - 6.5 stitches to inch on size US 3 - 5 needles.


Lark is a basic 100% plied wool yarn in worsted weight with excellent stitch definition. Lark has 134 yards per 50 gram skein and knits at 4 - 4.5 stitches to inch on size US 6 - 8 needles. The perfect sweater yarn!


Puffin is a single ply 100% wool yarn in bulky weight. Puffin has 112 yards per 100 gram skein and knits at 2.5 - 3 stitches to inch on size US 10.5 - 13 needles. Perfect for quick and cozy hats, scarves, and cowls!


Owl is a classic blend of 50% US alpaca with 50% US wool. The natural color is made by blending colored wool and alpaca for a heathered grey yarn that is then over-dyed. This is a light worsted yarn with 120 yards per 50 gram skein. 


Sparrow is the only non-US yarn in the Quince line. It is a luscious 100% organic linen from Belgium. Sparrow is fingering weight yarn and you can find plenty of patterns in the Knitbot Linen book.


Tern is another fingering weight yarn and is a blend of 75% wool and 25% silk. Tern has 221 yards per 50 gram skein and has a beautiful sheen and drape due to the silk. This would be perfect for shawls and scarves!

We have several pattern books featuring Quince & Co. yarns from super-awesome designers like Knitbot and Gudrun Johnston. Quince also has plenty of patterns available online here. We hope you love these yarns as much as we do!

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