Thursday, February 21, 2013

QuiltCon Sew-a-Thon: Sorbetto Dress

I can't wait to take a class with Jay McCarroll!! I'm going to make a patchwork skirt with him at QuiltCon and it's going to be epic. I was really nervous to make a dress to wear in front of such a fashionista. I totally copied Sadie Fox, our amazing sewing instructor, and made this Sorbetto dress just like the one she made for her class!

The Sorbetto top is a free pattern from Colette and I love it. This time I altered it in a few ways. I added sleeves thanks to this free online pattern. I did an inverted box pleat instead of the box pleat and I also lengthened it into a dress.

I used our Essex linen blend for the dress and used Jay McCarroll's Center City fabric for the bias binding at the neck and sleeves. The perfect hint of Jay! I'm going to Austin-it-up with some cowboy boots at QuiltCon. Funtimes.

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Unknown said...

Love love love the bias tape! Making your own bias tape can be a bit of work, but it's always so worth it!

Looking good!