Monday, February 18, 2013

Better Know A Crafter: Jay Louis DeRose of Tinman Provisions

We see Jay almost every morning at our old 1 S. Broadway space - Happy Coffee. Not only does he make the best lattes, but he is also the owner of Tinman Provisions - a label where he creates belts, aprons, and other manly accoutrements.

Jay Louis DeRose

Tell us about your crafty self.
I'm Italian and I'm from north Denver. I am a Coffee Professional, and a Gentleman. Sewing, woodworking, leather working, and metal working are just a few of my crafts. I make things for myself to use and enjoy, and if others like what I do, I will make things for them too.

Tell us about your aprons.
This project is a line of aprons for a local Barber Shop, Ollies. They consist of sewing and leather working. I created my own pattern and used a hemp/cotton ticking from Fancy Tiger Crafts.

How did you learn to sew?
I am a self taught crafter in the sewing and leather working department. The person who taught me is the coolest guy I know...hahaha

What is your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is Falcor - you know, from the Never Ending Story. My second favorite animal is a lynx

Interested in a handcrafted apron? Contact Jay at
Thanks Jay! Happy crafting!


Unknown said...

Nice job, Jay! Those look really great!

Erica Arakawa said...

They are simple and beautifully designed... I like your attention to detail.