Monday, November 19, 2012

French Sewing Patterns from Deer and Doe Sont Magnifique!

We couldn't resist ordering these beautiful and fashionable French sewing patterns from Deer and Doe. Yes, the patterns are in French and yes we are still going to make them all! It's time to whip our high school languages and let's sew some garments!

Here are some sewing terms to help out:
Sewing: Couture/Cousant
Pattern: Patron
Seam: Coudre
Top Stitch: Couture Apparente
Cut: Couper
Dress: Robe
Scissors: Ciseaux
Fabric: Tissu
Size: Tailles
Bust size: Tour de Poitrine
Waist size: Tour de Taille
Hip size: Tour des Hanches
Fusible Interfacing: Thermocollant

I like sewing: J'aime faire de la couture.

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