Friday, November 09, 2012

Darling Ranges is Darling to the Max!

I love this dress!

The moment I saw this navy blue Liberty Lifestyle print I knew...I must make a dress for fall.

The pattern I've been dreaming of is this adorable Darling Ranges dress from Megan Nielsen. I love the juxtaposition of the modest elbow length sleeves and the saucy neckline. ...and I adore the parade of buttons for closure.

The dress came together quickly with just one little stumbling block. I made the size XS, and had trouble with the sleeve coming together. The sleeve was too small for the armhole, so I ended up letting out my sleeve seam allowance to a scant 1/4" to make it work.

Now the dress is one of my favorite ever! I read from other sewists about similar issues with the sleeve, so next time I'll add an inch to the sleeve when cutting.

When winter arrives I'll be keeping cozy and cute, wearing this dress with tall boots, jackets and cowls!


Unknown said...

Perfect, of course!

Gillian said...

Oooh, it's so pretty on you! I was searching just the other day for examples of clothes made out of Liberty Lifestyle, and couldn't find many... how is it? It looks like it is draping nicely on your skirt!

Fancy Tiger Crafts said...

Thanks, Gillian, I love it! The Liberty Lifestyle is similar to a typical quilting cotton. It works great in this dress. --Amber