Friday, November 16, 2012

Emily's Leggings-palooza

Way back in the yesteryears of August, Our Own Angelique reported that we should make leggings out of our oodles and oodles of jersey. Cal Patch had, earlier in the year, published her Etsy Tutorial on drafting and sewing your own leggings. Whaaat? Make your own leggings??? Crazy talk. Less than a week later, I had leggings that ACTUALLY FIT. Yes, yes, jersey is forgiving and stretches. But isn't it better to start somewhere near your actual measurements? These leggings make me give dirty looks to all my other pants and leggings. Seriously!

After that first pair, I knew I needed to make some more. My second pair was made in French Terry for a bit of extra warmth on chilly days. The third and fourth pairs were made with a stretch knit denim, in indigo and black. It took me no time at all to put them together. Jeggings! It sounds silly, but I wear them all the time, especially under tunics. I'm wearing my super comfy indigo ones right now with my cute tunic from Sonya Phillip's 100 Acts of Sewing class!

The only change I have made to the pattern is the elastic waistband. Instead of the way Cat installs the waistband, I just sewed a channel to put the 3/4 elastic into. That way you can adjust the amount of elastic in there if you need to. Be sure to slightly stretch the jersey as you sew that waist; that area will need to stretch and give more than any other. Also, I like my two pairs made with a stretchy stitch on our regular machines more than the two pairs made on the serger... Regular machine is a *go* for this jersey pattern.

If you are intimidated by facings and lapped zippers, or just want to bust out (but not bust out OF) a pair of bottoms in no time at all, make these leggings! We are offering these leggings as a class, which walks you though drafting the pattern to your own measurements! It's super simple and you will be legging crazy just in time for legging season. I know I'll be making several more pair. Bring on the chill!


A L I C I A said...

Do u sell them!!! I loooove the colors!!!!!!

Jeanne Lois said...

Heck yes EM!!!! Freakin hot. I want them

cal said...

WHAAAAT!?! i had not seen this until sonya just tweeted it. you are my new poster girl for the leggings tutorial! love that you have it as a class. can't wait to meet you ladies in April!!!