Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Isager Spinni Lace Yarn!

Isager Spinni is a lace weight yarn for hardcore wool fans, which means we love it! This wonderfully sturdy wool is both delicate and strong, and will hold up beautifully to lots of wear. Isager is a Danish wool and is much like the Icelandic Lopi yarn which Jaime and I brought back from Iceland and have been knitting up into beautiful shawls.

This yarn gets the award for our favorite palette of woolly colors ever! We fell hard for this Danish wool and ordered it in every hue. Many of the colors are over-dyed onto natural heathered wool, creating muted, speckled hues that are just stunning!

Looking for a modern shawl to knit? The Fine Line is currently on our shelf and is chock full of amazing geometric shawls patterns written especially for Isager Spinni.

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