Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New US Shetland Rustic Lace Yarn!

Elemental Affects new Rustic Shetland Lace has got everything we love going on.

It is US raised and milled heritage breed fiber from the adorably tiny Shetland sheep. The yarn is crunchy in all the right ways and has a beautiful texture that is unique to small batch yarns.

The yarn is over-dyed, the dye layered on top of the heathered brown-grey of the sheep's natural color which gives it a lovely depth.

Jaime has already cast on for a Wispy Cardi (a popular pattern around here lately), which will only take one skein of the Rustic Lace!


D Louise said...

Yummy yarn! Can't find Wispy Cardi on Rav. Any chance you could post a link??

Anonymous said...

That yarn looks fantastic. I'm putting it in my queue of someday projects. Does it come in other weights?
-- stashdragon