Thursday, March 17, 2011

Emily's Negroni-athon!

This Valentine's Day, my beau Luke totally scored with two handmade shirts! Colette recently released Negroni, a shirt pattern for gentlemen. The pattern is named for a classic cocktail invented in 1919 by the Count Camillo Negroni. Manly!

The construction is really brilliant, and I got to practice my flat felled seams on curves! Luke is tall at 6'8", but the Negroni pattern has easy to follow markings for alterations to lengthen or shorten body and sleeves. Thanks, Colette! One thing I love about garment sewing is tailoring to your measurements. Clothes that fit make you feel like a ninja (see above). This is really important if you are prone to loitering in alleys.

Another thing I love about sewing is getting to choose fabrics! I had a really hard time with so many fabrics to choose from, so I asked Luke for help. The main fabric is Library Stripe from Denyse Schmidt's newest collection, Greenfield Hill, with contrast in Kokka's black on black Cool Skulls. Smart and dangerous!

The second Negroni uses two coordinating fabrics from Denyse Schmidt's Greenfield Hill collection. The pattern doesn't call for contrast fabric, but I think it certainly spices things up.

To make your own Negroni, mix equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari. Or, come into Fancy Tiger Crafts!


Angelique said...

I love it! Alley ninjas rock and so do the Negroni shirts!

Drrty Chav said...

Great job Em!
ps, how tall is that guy, like 7 feet?

Karen said...

Fantastic job! Those are both totally hot shirts. :)

I love how easy it is to alter patterns. As a 6-1 woman, I end up doing it a lot. Kind of liberating!

Unknown said...

Beautiful job Emily!! Can we both make the Negroni AND come on in to Fancy Tiger? Congrats on the shirts!