Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Shiny New Yarns Are Here!

We just received a big box of the shiniest yarns we've seen in a while. We aren't talking glitter, we are talking the natural shiny sheen of silk, mohair and pima cotton.

Here is Cascade's brand new Kid Seta. It is much softer than the previous version of their yarn by the same name, and has a beautiful silk that lights up and shines inside the halo of soft kid mohair. We're dreaming of light, airy shawl for cool spring evenings.

Also just in is Ultra Pima Cotton by Cascade. This is the softest and shiniest cotton yarn ever! Perfect for light summer cardigans, shiny totes and washable baby items.

If you're looking for fun spring-timey yarns, look no further. This spring is all about bright beautiful colors and shine!

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