Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New Cute Craft Supplies From Around the Globe!

New Japanese felting supplies are here! Most of these so-adorable-they-can-only-be-Japanese crafting kits, books and tools now have instructions translated into English, for more fun and less "say what?".

Felt ball makers are back! These sweet felting tools flew out of here last time we got them in. They make perfect little wet-felted wool balls with ease!

This new felting book is cute as cute can be!

And from Germany, the land where magically self-patterning sock yarn originates, Ambiente yarn is here! These little balls of sock yarns come in the prettiest colors which transform into a faux Fair-Isle pattern of stripes and speckles as you knit. You may know, we are all about making shawls out of our sock yarn around here, so keep your eye out for some Ambiente shawl action!

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