Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fall Class Schedule Now Available!

We are super excited about our fall class schedule available here! We have a ton of new knitting, crochet and sewing classes. Here are just a few of our favorites for a sneak peak...

Fall is the time to dust off your needles and hooks and get ready for cooler weather with knitting and crochet. We are excited about all the new woolly project classes on the schedule!

We have tons more new and fantastic projects lined up for fall, so go check them all out on our website and give us a call to sign up!


Stephanie said...

Looking for a place where a small group can meet, knit, buy yarn, and—very important!—drink coffee. Do you sell coffee? Thanks.

Fancy Tiger Crafts said...

We love coffee, but we don't sell coffee at our shop. Our favorite coffeehouses in Denver to get together for coffee and knitting are Metropolis, Aviano, Pablo's, Rooster Moon and, of course, Crema where our photo shoot took place. They are all outstanding local coffee shops.