Thursday, July 01, 2010

Better Know A Crafter: Nancy Ballinger

I am so excited to share this Better Know A Crafter with you! When Nancy came into Fancy Tiger Crafts to show us what she's been working she had a giant plastic tub with her. She opened it up and we couldn't believe how many tiny little felt cuties were in there. Nancy is an amazing needle felter who makes felted dogs. Her woolly canine sculptures are sweet little purebreds, perfect enough to please any AKC judge or dog lover.

Nancy Ballinger

What inspires you to be so crafty?
I am retired and needed a hobby.

Tell us about your pups.
I've made over 50 breeds of needle felted dogs. I use sheep wool and alpaca.

How did you learn to make these cuties?
I saw dogs like these on the internet, but they were too expensive to buy. I bought a book and started making dogs. I use AKC standards as a guideline.

What is your favorite animal?
Cairn Terriers.

If anyone out there wants a mini pup to call their own, where can we find you and your felted dogs, Nancy?
I sell the dogs every other weekend at the Parker Farmers Market at the Moonpie Candles booth. In the fall we will go to various craft fairs, Hyland Ranch, Heather Gardens, Bear Creek High School and several others.

Thanks Nancy! Happy felting!

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