Thursday, August 19, 2010

Craft Trade!

We've all been pretty excited about craft trades around here lately. One of our knitting instructors, Sunne, is an amazing sock knitter and color-work knitter. I've knit a few socks on occasion but embarrassingly have not actually made it through a pair of socks. While Sunne is the most prolific knitter we know, she does not sew. Hence, craft trade! Where everyone is satisfied with a magical handcraft item they wouldn't make for themselves.

I'm super excited about my craft trade with Sunne--the beautiful Fair Isle socks she made for me are my first-ever-very-own handknit socks! I chose two colors of soft Malabrigo Sock yarn and she knit them up using the Wallflower pattern by Stephanie Van Der Linden published on Twist Collective.

For Sunne I made a Fancy Pack in a beautiful Nani Iro fabric that she picked out. The Fancy Pack is a sewing pattern I developed when I felt the need for a cute bag to carry things along with me and be totally hands free. Sunne was really excited about her new Fancy Pack. She loves to walk her dog, Roscoe, around the neighborhood and what a perfect little bag for it. She invented a sweet new way to wear the pack--over one shoulder like a sash. Cute!

Hooray for craft trades! Thanks for my super-sweet socks, Sunne! If you'd like to learn to knit socks Sunne will be teaching a socks class this fall for us as well as a lace knitting class.


Sewing Geek said...

They are both super adorable!

Kim said...

trades are the BEST! so fun :)