Sunday, May 03, 2009

Norwood Fiber Farm Trip (Pt 3): Piñon Wood Ranch

Our next stop on the fiber farm tour is Piñon Wood Ranch, where our friends Peg and Woody breed Shetland sheep and have a herd of alpacas. They raise all their animals for fiber, which Peg hand spins into luscious yarns. We have some of her pretty beaded alpaca handspun here at Fancy Tiger.

It was shearing day for the alpacas. They were a little nervous but still pretty curious about me and my camera.

This little fawn guy was 9 months old and ready for his first shearing. Here he is before and after.

We visited at the perfect time to see all the new baby Shetland lambs. Wewent into their stall and they climbed all over us, nibbling our shoes and coatsleeves and hair.

There was one little lamb that stole our heart, Diamond Lil. May I introduce the cutest lamb of all time?

Diamond Lil is the youngest of triplets. There wasn't enough milk for all the babies so Lil has to be bottle fed. She loves her human friends and likes to follow them around like a little puppy. She is the cuddliest!

Diamond Lil really loves to frolick.

For more photos of our trip check out our Flickr page!


Anonymous said...

Jaime needs to have a horse again!
oxoxox her mom

jenny little said...

Diamond Lil leaves me speechless