Tuesday, June 05, 2012

NASA Fiber Technology + Lorna's Laces Sock Yarn = Solemate!

The future is here.

New from Lorna's Laces is Solemate, a superwash wool yarn that includes the NASA fiber Outlast. What is Outlast? We're not sure. It's a top secret "phase change material" and we don't really know how its made, but we do know what it does. Outlast is a temperature regulating fiber used in space clothing so when you are warm the garment will cool you down and when you're cool it will warm you up. Pretty sweet. Also it's super soft. Since Lorna's Laces dyed it you know the colors are amazing!

Ysolda Red  |  Folk Red |  Lincoln Park Zoo

Zombie Barbeque

Catalpa  |  Patina

Roadside Gerry

Campbell  |  Amy's Vintage Office

The Skyway

Cermak  |  Giddings


Purple Club  |  Brooklyn Tweed  |  Folk Black


Perfect for summertime knitting - wool socks in the summer? No problem with Outlast!!

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MB@YarnUiPhoneApp said...

Just posted a comment on my iPhone/iPad app for the Solemate entry to let knitters know that Tiger Craft has this sock yarn in stock.