Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Needlefelting Kits Are Here From Fancy Tiger Crafts! Hooray!

We've been busy crafting up some fun new kits for you! Three new Fancy Tiger needlefelting kits are making their debut at Fancy Tiger Crafts and in our Etsy store.

Meet our new Moustache Kit--inside is everything you need to make four amazing needlefelted 'staches! A plethora of facial foliage--you'll be ready for any occasion!

Our little Red Fox kit is here by popular demand and he's ready to be your friend forever. This very adorable vulpes is sure to bring you or a loved one a surplus of smiles!

Our happy whale kit isn't for landlubbers! This wooly ocean friend is the most darling cetacean you'll see this side of the shoreline.

We hope you love the newest members of our needlefelting kit family! Happy crafting!


tara polly said...

SO cute. got my seven-year old niece the owl needlefelting kit for christmas and she flipped! love these.

Jeanne Lois said...

LOVE the new kits! too cute. plus y'all dont look so shabby with a stache either!