Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cooka Scissors are Here to Blow Your Mind!

The award for most adorable scissors in the world goes to Cooka Scissors!

Just arrived, these little candy colored cuties have a tiny 3/8" blade, but they are quite at home snipping away at yarn and thread. Each one has its own teensy case to protect the blades and it can be worn like a charm on a necklace or a cell phone.

They are so cute and colorful! Cooka Scissors for everyone!


Sisterbill said...

So Cute! How can I get them?

Fancy Tiger Crafts said...

Hiya Sisterbill!

We have them at our register; if you don't live in Denver, either call or send us an email and we can mail you a pair!


LunaGreyFiberArts said...

Love them! Only trouble is that my kids would likely snag them from my knitting bag!


mary said...

Mind blown! I need one in every color!

Sisterbill said...

Wow!! Got mine today and they are too cute!! Even better they work as well as they are cute.
Thanks so much and I really appreciate the fast and reasonable shipping.

Ashley said...

How much does a pair of these cost?