Wednesday, March 07, 2012

New Yarns from Habu Textiles + A Knitted Nest for Your Airplants!

Adorable yarns from Habu Textiles have arrived! Habu is known for their irresistible brown paper wrapped bundles and cones of yarn. These yarns knit up to create fashion forward textures using intriguing fibers--papery yarns from linen and cotton, raw silk, super fine brushed mohair...

These little guys are raw silk wrapped linen ribbon, crisp and light and like nothing else! We imagine light flowing tanks for spring.

The new Knitted Nests pattern from Coco Knits is a sublime way to use some of these lovely yarns. We picked up several super-cute air plants from Ironwood just down the street and knit up a little nest for each one.

The Cotton Linen Paper Moire yarn we used for this little nest has a confetti texture--little wisps of linen paper are caught between a fine cotton core.

Habu's lace kid mohair is super fine, for delicate knitting that seems lighter than air. It has 311 yards in this cute bundle, so this tiny package goes much further than you would guess!

This Printed Cotton "Gima" (Japanese translation: fake linen) is crisp like linen but made from 100% cotton. It is a fine ribbon yarn and with an organic printed pattern which adds to the fun texture.

Another cotton linen paper moire yarn, this all-natural yarn is a wilder version of the yarn we used for our knitted nest sample!

We hope you love these amazing yarns as much as we do!

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