Friday, March 23, 2012

Ladies Fancywork Society Works Fancy Magic!

We at Fancy Tiger Crafts are big fans of the Ladies Fancywork Society. This street art crew of crafty ladies has been tagging the streets of Denver with colorful yarn-bombs since 2007. You may know them from their amazing ball and chain tag of Denver's Big Blue Bear, their crocheted garden down by Millennium Bridge and the tube socks addition to the Convention Center Dancing Statues. These ladies are quick with the hook and we are delighted to have two LFS pieces currently on display in the shop!

Lucille Lynn, Jeanne Lois, Esther and Maxine of LFS

In anticipation of our new space we asked the Ladies to work their magic on a deer form with several skeins of neon pink Manos Del Uruguay. We couldn't have been more thrilled with what they did--going above and beyond by constructing an 8 foot set of antlers. Amazing!

This magical guy is on display overlooking our community table. He'd love it if you came by to say hello!

We hit the jackpot when we caught wind of about a million crochet granny squares that LFS had recently used for an installation. We helped them rework the squares into a really cool cape for our resident deer, Bucky Junior, who is now on display in our front window!

Come by soon if you'd like to see Bucky Junior's colorful cape in person. He will be on display through the end of the March.

Thanks LFS! Keep on blowing our minds with your mad crochet skills!

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Unknown said...

This is truly AMAZING and absolutely beautiful!