Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New! Snowy Day Cowl Pattern by Fancy Tiger's Own Emily Platzer!

We are proud to have published a new pattern by our very talented knitting instructor, Emily Platzer! The much anticipated Snowy Day Cowl is here!

Many of you have probably seen us wearing or working on this cowl--several Fancy Tiger folks have already whipped up their own. It's a super quick knit and great to wear with jackets on blustery days, or even with a t-shirt on cool spring evenings. In the worst of weather the cowl can be pulled up like a hood to protect your noggin.

Ysolda was kind enough to model for us when she was in town!

The cowl is uses an interesting slip stitch pattern that is simple to work and makes two lovely sides, each with stripes running in different directions.

Emily reverse-engineered the stitch pattern from an amazing item that a customer picked up in Spain. We all fell in love with the simple looking--but totally intriguing--stripes. The texture of the fabric uses a contrast in yarn weight and color, combining super bulky Cascade Magnum yarn with a contrasting thinner sport weight yarn.

Jess, Angelique and Emily model their cowls

Find more details here! You can purchase the pattern on Etsy or by stopping by to see us at Fancy Tiger Crafts. Happy knitting!

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