Monday, August 08, 2011

New Handmaiden Maiden Hair and Fleece Artist Blue-Face Leicester Yarns!

Luxuriously slinky new Maiden Hair yarn is here from Handmaiden! This Swiss silk and kid mohair blend is hand-dyed in lovely semi-solids and variegated hues. It has a magical sheen, with lustrous silk shimmering through a halo of dye-saturated mohair. I've already cast on for a Dandy Scarf in the Smoke colorway and am so enamored with this yarn and the way it is knitting up!

The folks from Handmaiden shared some of their snowy white silk cocoons with us at the trade show. Did you know that one little cocoon holds 1000 meter of silk thread?

Also new from our friends in Nova Scotia is the Fleece Artist Blue-Face Leicester fingering weight yarn. These massive skeins clock in at 125 grams and 550 yards! Wow! That's a ton of yarn. I've been dreaming of this yarn ever since I saw it in a yarn shop in Portland and am so excited to be carrying it here at Fancy Tiger Crafts.

Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) Sheep are a longwool breed of sheep known for their light and super-soft wool. We can't get enough of it around here. Besides being one of the softest wools around, just look at this guy.

Happy knitting. Fall, here we come!

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