Thursday, August 25, 2011

Emily's Prairie Rose Shawl

I fell in love with the skein. You know how it is, that little panic attack when you walk away, thinking that someone might pick it up before you return, nervously glancing every now and then to see if it is still there. Love.

You might be thinking you have seen this image in this very blog. You have. In the Staff Holiday Gift Pics post. Not too long after that post went up, I knew I had to wind that skein. I had to have it! But what to make? I finally decided on a lace triangle shawl from the Knitter's Book of Wool by Clara Parkes, the Prairie Rose Shawl.

The Prairie Rose Shawl is not a mindless knit, but I took that project everywhere putting special time in it when I could. Sometimes when something wonderful would happen, I would quickly grab the project and knit a few stitches to capture that moment forever into the knitting. I would look back later in better light with a more lucid state of mind and gently coax mistakes out. There are some special times caught forever into this sweet angora shawl.


Angelique said...

It's gorgeous, Emily!

Karen said...

That is amazing, Emily! I love it. And you described the feeling of falling in love with yarn perfectly. :)

Hege said...

Beautiful! It looks so warm and cosy :)

Emily said...

Thanks, guys! It was superfun to knit and I can't wait till I can wear it every day!