Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Catnap Dress Contest: Amber's Pleat-tastic Ava Dress

To keep up with the stitching madness here at Fancy Tiger Crafts we have entry number three, Amber! This contest is producing some hardcore adorable!!

Amber Corcoran

1) Tell us about your dress - which fabric and pattern did you use? Did you make any alterations? 
I used Kitty Dreams in Green for my Ava dress. This was my first time making the Ava dress from Victory Patterns. I couldn't resist the fancy-pants pleat action at the sweetheart neckline. I've made two garments from Victory Patterns before this one and they were both happy successes, so I knew I could count on the Ava to be a great pattern!

2) What obstacles, if any, did you have to overcome for this challenge? 
Obstacles? This challenge was a dream. I relish the opportunity to stitch up cat clothing any ol' day. I've never ironed so many pleats before, but that was fun, actually.

3) How many other cat clothes do you already own? Can there be too many? 
Well, lets see...I have four other cat garments already, so this is number five and I'm already working on number six. There has been mention by a certain person that maybe I have enough cat clothing...but I disagree with that person. There can never be enough cat clothing!

4) Do you have cats? How many and what are their names? Do they like your cat dress? 
Egon is my only pet and he likes to keep it that way. He is very particular about things, wanting everything to happen according to his whims. He likes to look his best and is most happy when he has his summer do, a lion cut. I think he appreciates style, so yes, he must love this fancy dress.

5) How do you keep cat hair off your handmade garments? 
Cat hair is a major problem with this fluffy beast around. I can never quite get it all off of my clothing, no matter what I do. The sticky rollers are the best, and once I've de-haired I have to leave the house immediately. I've considered dyeing Egon black so I can dress in my favorite dark colors...

6) Why should you win the Catnap Dress contest?
If the contest is judged at all on most pleats, I stand a good chance of winning.


Christine said...

more insane cuteness! you ladies should win something for this amazing effort for sure!

Tilly said...

Gah! This is soooo gorgeous! I want one.