Friday, February 14, 2014

Catnap Dress Contest: A Cat Dress for Caty

Well, Fancy Tigresses, you really pulled out all the stops for this contest. I know there is a lot of competition out there, but we are darned proud of everyone and had so much fun making cat dresses. Thanks, Lizzy for hosting an awesome contest and making the best cat fabric!

Caitlin (Caty) Vannoy

1) Tell us about your dress - which fabric and pattern did you use?  
This is Colette's Laurel stitched up in Lizzy's Cattitude in Cloud. It's my favorite print from the collection, and it pairs nicely with the Smile & Wave print from Rashida Coleman Hale's Koi collection. I shortened the sleeves a bit and brought up the neckline for more of a boat-neck. And, of course, I added an adorable cat face complete with a button nose to amp up the cuteness factor!

2) What obstacles, if any, did you have to overcome for this challenge?
Finding a hypo-allergenic cat to model with.

3) How many other cat clothes do you already own? Can there be too many?
This is the first cat garment in my wardrobe! Can there be too many? Probably not. I already have some cat fabric stashed for a top.  

4) Do you have cats? How many and what are their names? Do they like your cat dress?
Sadly, I have no kitties at home. I have never considered myself much of a cat person, but I blame my terrible allergies. I do think they are awfully cute, though (from a safe distance, of course)!

5) How do you keep cat hair off your handmade garments?
There is not enough allergy medication in the world for me to cope with this hypothetical situation.  

6) Why should you win the Catnap Dress contest?
There are so many deserving cat dresses out there! I really stepped out of my comfort zone with this one, and I'm so glad I did! 


Unknown said...

That embroidery is amazing! Awesome dress! :)

Fancy Becky said...

so good!!!

Belinda said...

oh, wow - cutest dress EVER!

Sayali Apraj said...

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