Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Cat Nap: Craft Up Some Cattitude!

Oh boy its finally here! Lizzy House's latest collection Cat Nap has arrived. It's almost like this collection was speaking directly to Fancy Tiger's soul. With smiling cats, mischievous mice, dancing butterflies and all around adorableness Cat Nap has won our hearts! We can't wait to craft up new shirts, dresses, bags, and quilts with Cat Nap. According to Amber, you can never have too many cat dresses. There are 3 perfectly suited color stories available. Per usual, these prints compliment her Pearl Bracelets fabrics--don't worry we still have some in stock that coordinate perfectly! 

We have some lovely inspiration for you from Lizzy herself. Check out what she has been sewing with Cat Nap. 

"Catnap draws from my Scandinavian roots, my love of home, cats, and napping. In my small apartment, I follow the sun through the day as it shifts from room to room. You don't have to love cats to love a good catnap."
-Lizzy House

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