Friday, January 10, 2014

A Grettir for Eddie


After thirteen years of friendship and nine years of love, this guy definitely deserves a handknit sweater. Eddie has received a couple of handknit scarves from me over the years, but otherwise he's been resorting to keeping himself warm with store-bought woolens. Meanwhile, I've been parading around in a slew of handknit things from head to toe. 

Last month the spirit of holiday giving got to me and I decided it was time to share the sweater love. 

Jared Flood's Grettir pattern caught my eye and Eddie agreed, it was the perfect sweater for him. The Icelandic style yoke would be fun for me to knit, and--in a palette of natural heathered greys--the sweater would be classic and easy for Eddie to wear.

Grettir is written for Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter yarn, which I love and just used for my Reverb. It makes a stunning sweater, but for Grettir I opted to go a little more hardcore with my choice of wool--I wanted to make Eddie an Icelandic sweater with the Lopi that I fell in love with on my trip to Iceland. My own Iðunn cardigan, knit in Létt-Lopi, has been my most beloved sweater for the unpredictable Colorado winters.

Lucky for me, Létt-Lopi comes in an full spectrum of heathered greys so it was easy to find the perfect four shades for Grettir's chart. The worsted weight sweater pattern knit up in just about a month, and in the blink of an eye this sweater was finished. I have to say, I love knitting Jared's patterns. They are well written, create beautiful garments, and I always learn a new technique for impeccably finished handknits.

My favorite thing from Grettir is the rolled crewneck collar. So simple, yet so neat and tidy.

Eddie's new sweater was finished in time for our most recent snowstorm and, my, isn't a Lopi-wearing, bearded man a welcome sight the midst of a snowy forest?

After this sweater success I don't think I'll wait another 13 years to knit Eddie a new sweater. Until the next one, though, this sweater is sure to keep Mr. Corcoran warm and extremely fashionable.

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JJOHNSTO said...

ummm...i think Eddie needs to quit his day job and be a model!