Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Lizzy House in the HOUSE!

Lizzy House workshops are coming up! Lizzy House is an amazing fabric designer and an awesome person. We first got to know Lizzy and take classes with her in 2011 when she came to town to teach at the Makerie. We are thrilled to announce that she is coming back to Denver to teach 2 in-depth workshops here at Fancy Tiger Crafts just for you!

Lizzy House: all around awesome peep

First up is Mini-Quilts on Saturday August 24th! Lizzy will help you design and execute a Mini-Quilt! These small quilts are beautiful works of art that could be displayed on your wall or tabletop. Using the quilt as art, Lizzy will help you develop and create tiny works using the principles and elements of design. Using intuition, and quilt math you will make a plan to make mini dreams come true. You will be dazzled and amazed by what you produce. 

On Sunday, August 25th, Lizzy is teaching block printingIn this class you will learn true printmaking techniques for successful block printing! The first half of the class will focus on proper carving techniques and skills. The second half you will learn how to print at home like a champion. You will gain the knowledge and skills to assess what's happening on your block and print. 

We went ahead and re-ordered a beautiful spectrum of Lizzy's popular Pearl Bracelets as well so those will be in stock when she is here! They are hard to resist and look great with almost anything.

We hope you can join us for superfuntimes with Lizzy House! Call us here at 303-733-3855 to reserve your space.

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