Monday, August 05, 2013

Lucky Cat Crafts: Rare & Unusual Fibers are here!

Handspinners, you won't believe your hands when you feel Lucky Cat Crafts' unusual and amazing fiber blends!

polworth/mugasilk  |  yak/angora  |  camel/mugasilk/yak  |  merino/mugasilk/yak |  merino/mulberrysilk/possum

Kim, the adorable lady behind Lucky Cat Crafts, has these fantastical fiber blends specially milled in small batches.

We love the warm smoky palette of colors she has created by blending unique undyed fibers in soft greys and browns.

Below is a handspun yarn made with Lucky Cat Yak/Angora, a blend of two downy fibers that are so fluffy soft and ethereal, it almost feels like you are touching sunshine.

Lucky Cat Crafts' fibers are a dream to work with! They are perfect for a special project and extra soft against sensitive skin. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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