Monday, July 29, 2013

Delicious Downy Rabbit Fluff Wrapped Around My Neck

I've been knitting a lot of awesome summer sweaters and lace projects lately so I decided to take a break and do some mindless knitting. I couldn't resist the fluffy and oh-so-soft awesomeness of a new yarn we just got in from Schulana - Angora Fashion Print. Angora Fashion Print is a dk weight blend of 80% angora and 20% nylon. This yarn rules for two reasons: fluffy, too-soft-to-handle, cloud-like, angora bunny-cuteness and the fact that it comes in four stunning colors. It was hard to choose, but I finally went with this acid-chartreuse green for my new angora cowl.

The nice people at Skacel were kind enough to write up a quick cowl pattern that uses 2 balls of this downy deliciousness. This cowl is a moebius cowl and it was my first time doing true moebius knitting. I used Cat Bordhi's Moebius Cast On to cast on 180 Moebius stitches on size 7 needles (this cast-on was mind blowing) and then it was just 2x2 ribbing until I was almost out of yarn. If you want to see this moebius cowl knit up in all the different yarns distributed by Skacel, click here!

My cowl is huge and luscious and wraps me in a protective, velvety layer of supple bunny fur. Angora is also a very warm fiber, so I won't be wearing this too much right now, but when winter comes, this feathery-light bunny-cloak is going to be my shield against the cold. You could make an equally delicate and cushy cowl with just one ball of Angora Fashion Print as each ball comes with 123 yards of creamy rabbit fluff.

angora + cauliflower = ♥

Trust me, once you touch this you are going to want to wrap your neck in some brightly-colored, mushy, angel-like bunny hair. Here are the amazing colors that you now must choose between...good luck!

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