Friday, July 26, 2013

Better Know A Fancy Tigress: Miranda Harp

Miranda is one of the crafty folks of Fancy Tiger, and when she is not here helping folks find the perfect craft supply, we are sure she must be crafting. Miranda is super prolific--you might know her from her million handmade dresses, or her recently published Army of Caterpillars knitting pattern. She just finished this pretty Marin shawl, a pattern by Ysolda Teague. We love it!

Miranda Harp

Tell us about your craft-tastic self.
I'm Miranda, assistant manager and professional tigress here at Fancy Tiger Crafts. My first craft was embroidery, then cross stitch, but these days I mostly sew clothes and knit. I also needle felt, spin and weave on occasion. I've just always been into making things. My mother is a master quilter who has always shown me what it is to be inspired and to turn those ideas into tangible objects. Recently, I've been focusing on designing knitting patterns, mostly for toys. My goal to help people create things that add more delight to the world.  

Tell us about knitting your shawl. 
This scarf is from the Marin pattern by Ysolda Teague. The yarn is Madelinetosh Merino Light in the Nostalgia colorway. Just one hank of this gorgeous tonal yarn made the entire thing. I really love Ysolda's designs, because she has a great understanding of what knitted fabric can do. The reversible ribbed cables flow in and out of the garter stitch sections in a fascinating organic way. Plus, that makes the finished project really easy to wear without fussing over it all the time.  

How did you pick up knitting?
I learned to knit from a book (who knows which one), although my mom showed me how to cast on and do the knit stitch. One summer in college, my shifts at my work study library job were spent guarding a door that no one ever passed through. I bought some yarn and needles and never looked back.  

What is your favorite animal?
Although I will always love the octopus most, insects are my favorite group of creatures. I just saw a lady praying mantis in my garden looking for a handsome gentleman mantis to love and then devour.  

Thanks Miranda! Happy knitting!

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Unknown said...

You're the best, Miranda! I've always had an appreciation for your creativity and wonderful sense of humor. Wishing yo continued success, Ms. Tigress!