Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Craft up a Trend - Prairie Style

Living in Colorado, it's hard not to be influenced by the prairies and fields surrounding us. Farmlands and country life are all inspirations to us.

Home on the range...
Small calico floral prints and ticking fabrics are perfect to achieve a prairie style. Lace-up oxfords can help you complete your look. Prairie fashion has been seen on the runway and in the streets and is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. We have tons of patterns and supplies to achieve a country-prairie look. Here are some of our favorite fabrics, yarns and patterns.

Prairie Style Set
Prairie style is big in fashion now - here are some styles we collected on Polyvore

Nothing beats ticking as a reference of prairie style. This sturdy, tightly woven fabric kept the feathers from escaping homesteaders' feather stuffed pillows and beds. We have a lightweight ticking cloth available in 6 colors that make for modestly classic bags, aprons and even dresses.

Speaking of ticking, thanks to this great pattern from Cirilia Rose for Loft you can knit your own Ticking Cowl inspired by this workaday fabric.

Small floral prints will help you achieve a prairie look. We'd love to see the Ceylon by Colette in one of these sweet little calicos.

A bandanda shawl would be great to accessorize your new wardrobe - perhaps this pattern from Hill Country Weavers in the rustically wonderful Acadia from Fibre Co?

Be sure to finish your garments and accessories with a natural cotton lace trim.

We have no shortage of pioneer inspired patterns, from quilts to cute dresses, your style can be handcrafted-down-home-prairie perfection.

“You should never be ashamed of work you have done only work that you haven't.”
― Little House on the Prairie

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