Thursday, April 18, 2013

Better Know a Crafter: Rúna Bergsdóttir

We had the pleasure of having Ragga Eiriksdottir and her daughter Rúna visit us this past week from Iceland. Ragga is the woman behind Knitting Iceland, hosting knitting tours of Iceland and Icelandic knitting heritage. They are both great knitters, but while here they took advantage of our sewing studio and made all sorts of amazing sewn garments. Rúna has awesome style in her color choices - very Icelandic!

Guðrún Lóa Bergsdóttir (Rúna) & Ragga Eiríksdóttir

Rúna and Ragga with favorite plush dog, Flosi
"Rúna og Flosi" collar made by Rúna

What types of crafts do you do?
I'm almost 10 years old and I live in Reykjavik, Iceland. I have a pet budgie named Spotti, he is yellow and green and knows how to talk. I think it's fun to make things and be creative. I like to sew dresses and knit and sometimes in school I make things from wool.

Rúna made these pajama pants

Tell us about your outfits. 
I designed two dresses made from jersey and polka dot fabric. One of them is pink and green and the other is purple and orange. I'm thinking about making a third one in pink and yellow. My mom helped my cut the fabric and sew. We used a sewing machine, serger, scissors, pins and and iron (I love ironing). and a t-shirt of mine for making the pattern. 

Rúna is working on a knit scarf

How did you learn to sew?
I learned to sew on a sewing machine in 3rd grade in my school. We made a little teddy bear. In 4th grade we learned how to knit and I made a little purse for my mom.

Rúna's kitty head skirt with flower Wiksten Tank

What is your favorite animal?
I have 3 favorite animals: cats, dogs, and giraffes
In Icelandic: köttur, hundur, giraffi

We asked Rúna to translate a few more crafty words for us into Icelandic:
Sewing - sauma
Knitting - prjóna
Fashion - tiska
Fabric - efni
Yarn - garn
Sewing Machine - saumavél
Scissors -  skæri
Pins - tituprjónar
Dress - kjóll
Skirt - pils
Clothes - föt
Necklace - hálsmen
Flower - blóm

Some of Rúna's favorite things
Thanks Rúna and Ragga! Happy crafting!


westknits said...

So inspiring! I love Rúna's color choices!

Heather Dixon said...

Go Runa! Future Fashion STAR!!!!
H xxxx

Pink said...

Cute overload!

jeanne said...

I love Rúna and her work! great post.

suzan platzer said...

Great sewing, color and style. Such a cutie. Sew on Rúna.


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