Thursday, January 24, 2013

New! Guillemet Hat Knitting Pattern by Emily!

A new knitting pattern is joining our Fancy troop of patterns! Welcome the Guillemet Hat!

The pattern is named for the French quotation mark << >>, the guillemet. Simple knits and purls create a chevron pattern reminiscent of this handsome punctuation. Emily designed this sweet and slouchy hat for our Heirloom yarn, and it knits up so rustic and beautifully in the chevron stitch pattern.

Emily's Guillemet is knit in the Heirloom colorway, Calendula, a soft golden yellow.

The hat's construction is fun and simple, and can be adapted to any gauge and any size. A unique style of decreases create an awesome circle detail atop.

Katy immediately whipped up her own Guillemet Hat out of Heirloom color Well Water.

If you don't live in town, pick up a skein of Heirloom yarn here.

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