Monday, January 07, 2013

Constellations & Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House

They are here! We want to make dresses out of Lizzy House's new Constellation fabric! I mean, have you seen how cute the dress she made from it is?

Oh wait, guess who else already made a dress from Constellations! Miranda wins.

We are loving this palette right now--deep, dark indigos, bright royal blues, hot blacks and oxford-esque pastel blues that are oh-so garment friendly.

Not to mention the prints! We love every single one. The phases of the moon is killing me it's so great!

And Lizzy fans, Ms. House's pearl bracelets are here, too. Hooray! These fun basics play nice with other prints and go with just about everything.

Lizzy we are over the moon for your fabric...get it?


Karen said...

what a beautiful job you did!

Unknown said...

Way to go, Miranda!

Unknown said...

Yes. That dress is 100% winning. I have seen it in person and have dropped some bombs in awe of it's presence.

Duuuude!!! the gold piping!!??? Dammit! So good. So good. You are so good.

nancy said...

hi! did you have a pattern for that dress? if so, what is it? i love it!

Anonymous said...

Your work is so inspiring!!! It's been a while since I've felt the need to sew, and because of this it's all I can think about!