Monday, October 29, 2012

Casablanca Self-Striping Yarn is Here!

New self-striping yarn is here from Cascade! Casablanca is a silk/mohair/wool blend that knits up with a pretty ombre striping action.

knitting pattern casablanca cascade stripes

We couldn't resist knitting up Dull Roar's Phoncible hat pattern in Casablanca and it turned out great! The pattern uses two skeins, and we used the colors "Peacock" and "Teals".

We love it and hope you do to!

Phoncible hat knitting pattern


cpeezers said...

Love this hat! I want to try out that new yarn!

Joan Shaffer said...

Loving the color and the texture of the yarn you used on this beanie! Keep it up! Loving your blog!