Monday, October 01, 2012

Better Know A Crafter: Stephen West

Stephen is an amazing knitting designer which we are so happy to have hosted at Fancy Tiger Crafts for a visit recently. He brought about a million of his knitted shawls to the shop for us to drool over and taught us amazing things about his design process. In his down time, Stephen spent some time in our sewing classrooms whipping up four tank tops and a patchwork shirt. He just might be the most prolific crafter we've ever met.

Stephen West AKA West Knits

Stephen enjoyed some Colorado brews during his visit

What kind of crafts do you do?
I  live in Amsterdam and travel a whole lot to teach knitting workshops. I design knitting patterns and publish knitting books. I like colors and shapes and making things to wear. I also like making videos and practicing jump rope moves. I knit and spin and I pretend to crochet and sew.

Tell us about your sewing process.
I wanted to make a shirt so I picked out some jersey and flannel with my face screen printed on it. I started sewing and when the shapes didn't match I filled in the spaces with animal fabric. 
Sweet Stephen face detail and kitten in a basket patchwork!
I didn't like the sewn neck I tried so I cut it out and added a knit neckline. I also added a crochet drawstring to the bottom.

The multi-talented Stephen combines knitting, sewing, patchwork and crochet in one garment!

How did you learn to sew?
I kidnapped my mom's sewing machine in high school and made pants and lots of bags. I taught myself to be a master seamster.

One of Stephen's new tanks

What is your favorite animal?
I like foxes. Red foxes.

Thanks Stephen! We miss you already!!


Aunt Marti said...

Wasn't he just the most fun teacher? Incredibly patient and willing to be interrupted with question, soo!

theMom said...

Though I, the Mom, took tailoring back when they offered it in high school, Stephen never had time to take lessons from me. I'm so glad he took up knitting and truly masters it. Am I proud? ! ! !

Jeanne Lois said...

Definitely the master.. and a Sunshine drinker... my kinda guy!