Friday, September 28, 2012

Icelandic Lopi wool is here!

We have been in love with Lopi wool since our first trip to Iceland and are thrilled to be offering it at Fancy Tiger!

Léttlopi is the worsted weight yarn that Icelanders use for traditional yoked sweaters. The Icelandic sheep have adapted to Iceland's cold wet climate and Lopi sweaters keep people warm and dry, too. Jaime made a Lopi sweater last year. On her recent trip to Iceland she wore it every day and it looks as good as the day it was finished. The rest of us at Fancy Tiger can hardly wait to make our own!

Our dear friend Ragga will be here this weekend teaching classes on traditional Icelandic knitting. Want to make your own Lopi sweater? Come join us for her classes!

10 reasons we love Lopi yarn:
  • Icelandic wool is the warmest
  • keeps you dry in cold wet weather
  • comes in beautiful solid and heathered colors
  • a strong single ply
  • loosely spun and lofty
  • wears well and hardly pills
  • knits up fast
  • perfect for adorable colorwork
  • affordable
  • comes from the cutest sheep!

Thanks sheepies!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how happy this makes me! The first thing I ever knit was a Lopi sweater, and I haven't seen it in a local store in, well, a very long time. I guess the 80's really are back?