Friday, August 24, 2012

Jaime's Echino Beignet

You probably know that I am obessed with Echino fabrics. Each time a new collection arrives I always plan out a million projects. This time I decided I had to have a bright mustard skirt and this parrot circle print was the perfect candidate.

I have never made a Colette skirt so I was excited to give the Beignet a try. The Beignet skirt is a high-waisted, straight skirt made with lots of panels for a perfect fit.

I took my time with the one and worked on it over the course of a couple of Featherweight Fridays, which is a nice break from my usual frenzied sewing pace. The skirt turned out great. It is fully lined and has pockets. I finished it with some bright coral buttons and I love their unique oval shape.

I was able to debut this skirt at the midsummer farm party for our CSA farm, Pastures of Plenty. So beautiful and summery!

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Mrs.Bao 包 said...

Say Echino and I will listen! :)