Friday, August 17, 2012

Amber's Electric Blue Mizutama Shawl

Mizutama (水玉) is the Japanese word for polka-dots! Olgajazzy's Mizatuma pattern, with its "polka-dot" lace, is a modern take on a classic lace triangle shawl.

I used an electric blue yarn which I picked up on my recent trip to China. This little ball of lace weight yarn caught my eye from a mile away, glowing among the other yarns. I love the so-blue-it-almost-hurts color!

The simple 4 row lace motif was so easy to memorize and a great project for social knitting. This shawl would be the perfect introduction to lace!

Here is my new friend Alfie the sheepdog sporting some hand knit lace. I love my electric blue polka-dot shawl!


Jeanne Lois said...

This is perfect! That color blue... speechless!

komankova said...

oh where can i find the pattern please?